XO19 Reveals New Rare Game Everwild And Dontord’s Tell Me Why


The creators of “Life and Strange” bring in the latest transgender character in their new game. Apart from this Microsoft also hints at the upcoming Ge of Empires IV. There are several major developments upcoming in the gaming field in the next couple of days.


Rare makes an announcement to launch its latest game. They released a trailer of their latest game without actually saying much about it. Everwild is the name of the game and Craig Duncan, the boss of Rare, describes it to be the next big move of the studio. Duncan, in his blog, mentions that the game creators want to build an experience that will allow new ways to play. This game he says will involve both real and fantasy worlds. Everwild will be known to provide meaningful, engaging and memorable experiences for all the game players.

The game does not spend violent except that the players will have to hunt various fantasy animals. We will just have to wait to see the actual presentation of the game. The game will have gorgeous visuals as is already seen from the trailer. Since Microsoft owns Rare, Everwild will definitely find its release. However, there is another game that attracts the interests of Microsoft. This is Tell Me Why by Dontnod, which is also the developer of Life Is Strange.

Tell Me Why

There is no clear explanation about this game at all. However its quite sure that this is going to be another heavy-duty game with lots of decision making. This game involves a transgender as the protagonist. This is the first time any major gaming studio involves a character like this. It also includes two twins who have magical powers. They can relive each other’s memories.

Dontnod is expecting to release all the episodes of this game by the summer of next year. This is great news for the fans as they seem to be quite excited about the release. Apart from this, Microsoft has several big releases lined up. One of them is the Age oF empires. This is a long-awaited game which features Mongols and takes us back to the medieval period. With all these new releases we can expect the next year to be full of fun and excitement for the gaming buddies.