WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown Title Match announced

Everyone loves to watch WWE. The people of all ages enjoy this show. The show has been running for a long time and has fans all over the world. The entire classic matches that we it has already shown are amazing. So, if you still enjoy the action of WWE, you would love the news superstars too. With the inclusion of new stars and stars from NXT, the show is getting better and better with time. Fans from all over the world love the new talents. The Raw energy and their want to win it all are making the show a hit now. But, recently, SmackDown had to change their title match. With all the things surrounding the situation of broadcasting, the shows might be the main reason.

The Reasons

It is all because of the complicating situations in Saudi Arabia the matches scheduled are canceled. The title defense match was going to happen between two strong Divas now. The two divas that were going to fight it out for the SmackDown Women’s Championship were ready. These divas were Bayley and Nikki Cross. They had a rivalry in the past, but now its all about the title. Bayley is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion. It is going to be a big fight for Nikki Cross. Everyone was excited about this match and was looking forward to watching it. But, due to the controversies with the broadcasting partners, it looks, it will not happen. Bayley later tweets through her story that she never signed for this title defending match against Nikki Cross.

All the WWE fans we shocked and thinking about what just went down. With them being excited to see two Divas battling it out for the number one tag is not going to happen now. Nobody is sure about what is going to happen in the show now. But the other superstars that are going to appear are The Miz, Daniel Bryan, Dana Brooke, and Carmella. But this is not all many NXT superstars might also have their debuts. With reports saying that a number of NXT stars are coming to Saudi Arabia. So, all in all, if you don’t see any title defense, but you will surely see some new faces.