Wot I Think: Outbuddies PC Review

Merging of several gaming platforms has become quite common in the past few years. With publishers like Konami and Capcom, the eternal walls seem to tumble down. These publishers have brought their own exclusive consoles to PC. Apart from this, even Nintendo has its own gaming machines. Playing in cross-platform has become far more common these days due to these publishers. And while this intermingling delights us, there are still some drawbacks. What I mean to say is there is no way that you can play Metroid on your PC. It is an utter shame because that series makes some of the best two and three-dimensional games. On that note, I am very happy to introduce you to Outbuddies.

The Game In Itself

It is delightful to do a review of this kind. And to all the Outbuddies fan, it is always a good option to keep backup. This means that your Outbuddies and Metroid go hand in hand. It is a classic game that is based on Metrodivinia, and it takes its inspiration from the Super Metroid. This game allows you to explore a submerged ancient fortress.

This game has good designing of levels, and it also allows you to progress quite smoothly in the game. It has a classic handcrafted design that gives you the very Metroid feel. It further includes all kinds of movements, like crawling, diving, climbing, etc. The options and realm expand as you progress within the game, and the player can only depend on their base skills to proceed further.

The Review

This game is Metroid like in each and every sense. It has doors that are color-coded, areas that require a new skill to reach, and also enemies waiting for you every time. This game is quite tempting as it gives you that endless nagging vibe to win the game. Being so much similar, it is neither a copycat or a clone. It has its own original and superb ideas, which becomes clear the more you play.

It, however, does not perform amazingly as a two-dimensional game, but again, Nintendo has not come up with a new original game for like 15 years. This is a fun game to play, and there might be some glitch in the controls, but to be fair, I personally did not experience any. There is also a co-op version that allows you to invite and play with your friend. This game thus is a very sizeable and compelling one. If you have played Metroid ever, then you might feel a bit nostalgic, but overall, it is a game worth playing.