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Watch the stories of The Witcher being read by Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Watch the stories of The Witcher being read by Henry Cavill. With online streaming getting more popular day by day Netflix is coming up with new content. The new show “The Witcher” is almost ready to make its grand debut o Netflix. But before all of this happens Henry Cavill wants to read some parts of the story to the fans. This is for the fans that have not got the time to read the storybook.

He wants to make the fans aware of the snowy magical story from the book that they can later see on the snow. The book that he is going to read is “The last wish”. The writer of the book is Andrzej Sapkowski. In the short video from Netflix we see him sitting on a chair and then pouring a glass of liquor and then going to start the story. You can see him wearing spectacles and getting comfortable on the chair.

About the book reading

We can all see him sitting on the chair with his glass of liquor and spectacles. But now he is going to read a few passages from the book. These passages are the inspiration of the series. These short parts help the teams create season 1 of the show. If you ave never got the time to read the original book you can listen to it in the video. There are a lot of fans and also other people who have only played the game. But only a few of the people have only read the book. There are also many people who love the game but will not read the book and understand it. This is the time you can do it just watch it on Netflix on video.

The last wish is not the first book of the series by the writer. But this book contains all the past information of the events that you will watch on the series. The main motive of the book’s last wish is that it is made up of many short stories. When you finish all the stories you will find a link in between all the stories that will lead you to a bigger climax. All the fans of Henry Cavill and the fans of Witcher are eagerly waiting for its release.