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Walter Mercado, Iconic Astrologer And Flamboyant Celebrity Leaves Us At 88

Walter Mercado, iconic TV personality became a legend in Spanish households. People who have been watching him for generations are recently mourning his loss. It is tragic as Walter Mercado ruled the television screens for almost five decades.

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Puerto Rico’s Famous personality, celebrity astrologer Walter Mercado is no more. His death apparently occurred due to kidney failure. He took his last breath in San Juan hospital on Sunday. He was 88. His death was confirmed by a family spokesperson.

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Mercado was popular in the whole of the United States and Latin America. He became famous through his television program. His flamboyant style and colorful capes win the hearts of his fans. In order to show him, love, the History Miami Museum exhibited his life in the past summer. His entire 50 years of television career was shown in this ever since his first appearance.

Mercado was also taken to the hospital in the past. In 2011 he was admitted for the common cold that later transformed into Pneumonia. His health worsened ever since. There was also news of heart attack after he was moved into Ohio hospital.

The Iconic Personality

Walter Mercado in his colorful cape Image Source: Google

Mercado was from Ponce. It is one of the largest cities in Puerto Rico. He worked in TV stations for a short period of time. He later moved to South Florida. It was here that he exposed himself as an astrologer. He gained much fame as he delivered in the Spanish language and in a dramatic and exaggerated fashion.

The catchphrase of Mercado was, “Sobre, todo, mucho, mucho amor.” The English translation to this is’ “Above all lots and lots of love.” People of all generations know Walter Mercado. They are staring from grandfathers and grandmothers to people in their teens and twenties. He was a very popular household name.

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Mercado never announced his sexuality publicly. But he was very popular among the gay community. He was someone who has the audacity to challenge the traditional television culture of Latin America. The news of his death created a massive wave on Twitter. All Latino fans gathered together to mourn this famous personality.