Vegeta’s New Yardat Look Will Soon Surface Online

The mega Star of Dragon Ball Super has reached halfway to the point of the Prisoner arc of Galactic Patrol. Vegeta and Goku have parted their ways of taking a small break from all the action. They are struggling to find a way to defeat Moro, who is apparently the Planet Eater. Exploring his options and choices, Vegeta arrives at Yardat, which is a very famous location. If You happen to see Dragonball from the beginning, you will recognize this place.

This is the place where Goku learned the technique of Instant Transmission. This is also the place where Vegeta seems to get his makeover as per the speculations of the fans. After Freeze Saga Vegeta trained much like Goku after he returned to the Earth, fans have already imagined what Vegeta’s new look will be like. But it is not until now that we have started receiving some real updates on Vegeta’s new look.

The New Look

It seems that Vegeta’s training in Yardat will be the focus of discussion in the future chapters. The images seem to show his latest look from the recent series, which aired in Japan. Dragonball has provided some fun and interesting moments in the past. However, it will be quite refreshing to see a new character in the series. The future chapter of the series will debut officially on October 20.

The Dragonball franchise seems to have taken a small break as of now, but we hope to see Vegeta’s new look in motion once the show arrives. The show airs currently available in English Dubbed on Adult Swim, and it is also available for online streaming on Amazon Video and Funimation. The Japanese version of the show is fully released and is available on Crunchyroll and FunimationNOW. The Franchise also has chapters for reading on Viz media. These chapters can be read for free. There is also the movie version, which is widely available on Blu-Ray DVD.