Van Lathan Fired from TMZ, Says He’s Okay

The dispute goes back to a week and a half. The TMZ personality, Getty Van Lathan, got into an on-screen dispute with his co-worker and producer, Michael Babdock.

The two were hosting a live show TMZ Live when a political debate turned into a heated argument. Although the clip was edited and removed, Lathan got suspended from work and, eventually, fired.

According to a few internal sources, the confrontation took place in the newsroom, where Lathan was told that he would get into trouble if he ever embarrassed like that again. Lathan is said to have met with the site’s attorneys, which led to his suspension.

Van Lathan hosts The “Red Pill” podcast. Sources claim that Lathan plays a huge part in the success of TMZ, and the news about Lathan being fired came as a surprise to them.

The reports of Van Lathan being fired were confirmed when