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Updates: The viral Pakistani Singer Rabi Pirzada whose Nude images and videos leaked had threatened Indian PM

The news is spreading like wildfire about the leaked footage of Pakistani pop-singer Rabi Pirzada. She is a very famous pop-singer in Pakistan. But recently, she was in a dispute involving Asif Ghafoor. Today images and two videos of Rabi were all over the internet. The images were of her being nude, and the videos contain some intimate scenes of the singer. But everyone on twitter was in support of the Pakistani singer. The twitter crowd requested that these images and videos should not be shared by anyone. This is a really bad thing to happen to anyone. But, among all this, the main suspect is her ex-boyfriend.

Rabi Pirzada Nude images and videos leaked
Rabi Pirzada Nude images and videos leaked

The many possible reasons

The 30-year-old singer is famous for her songs all over Pakistan. At the moment, it is not sure how these images are leaked. Nobody knows who leaked these images and how they got hold of these footages. It is beloved that her ex-boyfriend might have leaked as these images. Some also believe that her earlier dispute with Asif Ghafoor may have caused this. Her difference in opinion regarding Asif Ghafoor defending item song led to their arguments. Asif Ghafoor is a Major general in the Pakistani army. The people on twitter were now in two groups. One group is blaming her ex-boyfriend, and the other is blaming Asif Ghafoor.

Previously also she made the headlines when she threatened the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She posted a video of 59 seconds on her social media threatening Indian and the Indian Prime Minister. She says that she will unleash a number of reptiles on Him. But, in the video, she is among wild reptiles but only fake ones. She received a lot of criticism for this on her social media accounts. With this video going viral all over the internet, she gained a bad personality. But, even with her disputes with anyone, this is clearly a very bad thing that she is suffering from. But, the twitter army tired their best so that the images would not be spreading all over the internet. As of now, the main culprit is still large.