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‘Ujda Chaman’ Review: Sunny Singh Amazing Performance but movie needs a lot of changes

‘Ujda Chaman’ Review

Ujda Chaman did not do so well, as the fans were hoping. It is a movie by Abishek Pathak. The movie is a makeover of a Kannada movie, “Ondu Motteya Kathe.” The fans were hoping that the movies will be humorous and funny. But, they were mistaken badly. The poor humor in the movie and the bad jokes are not what fans were hoping. It was also noticeable that the background noises were very loud in comparison to the dialogues. But in a way, it was better because you didn’t have to hear the boring dialogues. With most of the reviews coming negative, the fans are not happy. Many viewers think the movie is sexist and unfunny. They think that the movie can is cut to just 20 minutes of content.


The movies are about a 30-year-old single man. The actor playing the lead is Sunny Singh (Chaman Kholi). He is a Hindi professor at the Hansraj College in his city. He is bald and has very low self-esteem and confidence. It doesn’t matter with whom he meets. They make fun of him. In college, all the students make fun of him on his looks. He is also getting rejections from girls and their families because he is bald. He is having problems getting married or having a life partner. With his looks and low confidence, the movie was also low on everything. When he meets a 29-year makeup artist Apsara Batra his luck changes.

In the movies, she is very confident about her weight, and the movies show it as some sort of quality. Even though Sunny was good in his acting, the writing was just poor. In the movie, he is running for a girl all the time. When he gets a girl just because she is fat, he can’t cope with it. The movie was a total disaster in the ways of writing and dialogues. The movie was not at all funny, and due to the harsh sexiest look of the movie, the fans did not like it. So, if you think it is going to be better than Bala, you are wrong.