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Top-rated Horror Movies which remakes can be a Blockbuster

It is sad but true that various remakes compare unfavorably to the actuals they are trying to revise — and there are far too several of them being made at the expenditure of new actual content.

This can be particularly true when it arrives at the horror genre. However, there are also many times when remakes are incredible.

Sometimes they are made for all the right reasons and are released at precisely the right moment in time to relate a classic or cult tale in a new light while entertaining modern audiences.

Even in the middle of this remake and reboot-friendly period, a lot of horror films are just waiting to be changed — and they could be genuinely stunning.

Top-rated Horror Movies

1. Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Ever since its launch in 1997, this Paul W.S. Anderson space chiller has allocated audiences over whether it is a hell of a good time or a hell of a horror movie.

2. The Hunger

The Hunger

Yuppies! Illicit love! David Bowie! This popular 1983 horror film from director Tony Scott possesses it all — and still earns for a great, if quaint, glimpsing experience.

3. The Gate

The Gate

A 3D remake of the 1987 cult traditional The Gate was in pre-production in 2009 but sadly perished in development.

4. Battle Royale

Battle Royale

An American remake of Battle Royale has been at several levels of development from the original Japanese release evolved a cult hit, though several obstacles have deterred it from coming to fruition.

5. Teeth


This sarcastic horror-comedy performed severely at the box office when it was lent aa limited release in 2008, but it has since established a considerable cult following.

6. April Fool’s Day

April Fool's Day

Released in 1986 and centered around a pack of practical-joke liking college students who strike up being hideously picked off by aa magical killer with a cruel feeling of humor, April Fool’s Day is relatively probably one of the dumbest — yet most fun — slasher films of its time.