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Top 5 Best ways to celebrate National Cat Day

A lot of people love cats. Many of the people have cats as their pets. Cats love tearing or starching your furniture. Sometimes cats love to starch your skin. These cute creatures love playing with a football. Most of the time, you will find your cat sleeping peacefully. This is probably the way that cats celebrate National Cat Day. By very famous rumors, cats have nine lives, but you only have one. So, to enjoy your life better and makes your cat’s life amazing, you can follow different ways.

Top 5 ways to enjoy with your cat

  1. Spend time on cat videos

These cute creatures don’t have thumbs to do social media. But many cats are famous on the internet. The cat that can play a keyword is a very good example. DJ kitty is also a very popular video of a cat portraying as a DJ. These videos are so cute and loving that everyone enjoys them.

  1. Treat your cat with love or Adopt one

The national cat day producers are also looking for a shelter for the stray cats. This is the best time to adopt a cat and bring it to your house. Adopt a cat from a rescue shelter or any pet store to give the cat a better life.

  1. Helping the cause

There are many pets shops in every locality and also very easy to find. If you think you can’t adopt a cat, you can always help them. Offer old blankets or cat food to these pet shops. You can also donate toys and fur balls that you are not going to use.

  1. Spend time cuddling with your cat

It is correct that cats love being cuddled and pleased. You can always get cozy on the couch with a warm blanket and your cat. Cats always love when they get a peaceful session of cuddling. You can play with your cat on this special day.

  1. Nap with your cat

Everyone knows that cats love to sleep. So this winter why don’t you join your cat while it is sleeping. Just wraps your cat in your arms and cover yourself in a blanket. Not all cats want to play and roam around, some like to take long naps as well.