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TikTok being A Threat Is Under National Security Review In The US

TikTok is under the review of the US government for being a National security threat. This super popular app is owned by ByteDance Inc. of China. This report is as per the person who is familiar with the inquiry and the allegations. ByteDance Inc is a company located in Beijing. Two years ago, upon its acquisition of, it transformed the app into TikTok. TikTok has millions of users all over the world, and it has millions more in the US itself.

The Allegations

As per multiple reports, the government of the United States launches a security review nationally against the popular video app. Reports on Friday From The New York Times, Reuters and other sources say that an interagency Committee was organized On Foreign investment. This agency reviews the acquisitions of foreign firms. The senators notice incidents related to data collection and censorship on this app. This is exactly why the agency opens up the inquiry against TikTok.

The CFIUS of the Treasury Department says that it cannot disclose information as the cases are quite confidential. The agency abides by the law, and it is not permissible for them to disclose such sensitive information. TikTok further comments that it cannot be saying anything about the regulatory process. However, it says, “We have made it clear that we have no priority other than winning the trust of our users. We also want the support of our regulators, and for that, we are working with Congress. We are making efforts in the US Part, and we are committed to doing so”.

A Republican, Sen. Marco Rubio from Florida, sent in a letter to the treasury department asking then to review Tik Tok. He says that there is “growing and ample evidence” that they are censoring the contents which are not appropriate for the Chinese government. Tik Tok, in reply to this allegation, says that its contents are not subjected to “sensitivities related to China.”

TikTok is a very popular video app in which people share music videos and other videos. They do silly things, dance on songs, do live chats, share fashion and beauty videos, and often lip-sync. People search on this app by using the usernames of the persons or any suitable hashtags or songs.