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The WWE Superstar Kaitlyn Is The South African Company’s First Ever Champion

Kaitlyn might have retired from WWE in 2014, but she continued to wrestle. She starts back her career in 2017 after her retirement. As a part of her professional wrestling career, she currently holds gold in South Africa. Retirement has probably done her good as she currently holds a very prestigious position and medal.

The Slam Force Event

Celeste Bonin. Image Source: Google

Not a very long time ago, SlamForce Africa was the organizer of an event in a college of Pretoria. Kaitlyn was a participant in that event. The real name of Kaitlyn is Celeste Bonin. She found herself in a match against Black Widow and Katie Forbes. Kaitlyn emerges as victorious, and she came out as the winner of this Champion.

This was the fundamental occasion of SlamForce, and Kaitlyn became the first-ever women Champion. She was truly happy and expressed her gratitude on this occasion. Becoming the first-ever women champion is truly an honor. She says, ” #SlamForce Africa First Ever Girl’s Champion. What an evening”.

Kaitlyn, however, makes her return to where it all began. She again appeared on the sets of WWE. Kaitlyn was there for Mae Young Classic. She starts off quite extraordinary but loses to Mia Yim. This was in the second round of the tournament. This additional experience of her highway career might persuade WWE to consider getting her back again. She might have a lot to offer in terms of pure entertainment.

Kaitlyn, however, enjoys a great time during her stay in South Africa. The win, on the other hand, makes everything so much better. She claims, “I love professional wrestling, and it makes me hate BS. These are the two issues that drive me”.