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‘The Witcher’ Trailer is now out by Netflix with Henry Cavill in his badass blonde hair

Henry Cavill stars in the Netflix series “The Witcher.”

On Thursday, Netflix launches the full trailer of “The Witcher.” The man start of the show Henry Cavill is going all badass with his new blond look. In the show, the role of Geralt of Rivia is playing by Cavill. He is a mutant who fights the monsters. But, often, he is also known as the monster himself. The blond-haired starts fights with monsters in the fantasy world known as The Continent. His main weapon is a strong sword and helps him claim his antihero title. He feels that there is no way of identifying good people among bad people. Cavill says that “Evil is Evil” in part in the trailer.

About the show

The fans could not stop themselves from loving the new look of Cavill. But, the fans also think that he looks quite similar to Targaryen. Targaryen is a character in one of the hit shows of HBO Originals. One of the fans says that “Henry Cavill is a perfect Targaryen.” One of the fans also says that the start is just rocking his roles in “The Witcher” and “Man of Steel 2”. But, he can obviously be a hit as the next Aegon Targaryen. 20th December the date when the show is going to release. The Executive producer is Lauren Schmidt; he is producing the fantasy series. The whole fantasy series is from the books of a polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The show is definitely going to rock the fans with the strong trailer that they have launched.

The story is about a monster fighting mutant who is not your ordinary hero. He is more of an antihero in this show. With the awesome physic of Henry Cavill and his new stunning look, the show is going to be crazy. Everyone is so excited about the trailer and is looking forward to the series to release on 20th December. The dialogues from the trailer are already making headlines and loved by the fans. One of the most exciting dialogues from the trailer is “Lesser. Better. Meddling. Everything is same.”