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The Wendy Williams Show : Roasted and Teased but cleared the throat and is what comes from talk!

Tyrese Gibson is finally feeling comfortable in talking about his ex-wife norma and the riot between two for the custody of their only girl child. On the set of The Wendy Williams Show, he was asked by the host Wendy Williams about his word war with Dwayne The Rock Johnson. It’s been a while since Tyrese found himself in a situation where he could talk about his so-called favorite co-star. As last year Tyrese trashed Rock and shared some heated arguments over social media accounts. He came to the show to talk about his upcoming movie Black and Blue, but the host had some different questions for him.

About Wife:

In the middle of the show, once the guest Tyrese Gibson lost his temper and said with a smile, “ I don’t wanna get into that. It’s a lot, and you’re just doing your work. I love you.” When the host asked about the money pays his wife in child support. Host Wendy was consistent on asking about his child custody, so he furiously answered and considered the whole situation as a matter of conflict and further added that the custody should be given to both the parent fifty-fifty percent so that their child does not miss any of her parents. He was approaching his daughter for custody, but according to law, the child will choose whom to take. Tyrese also talked about his ex-wife how she has changed over the period of time; he further considered her a different person whom he met. He met to a completely different woman eight years before, and now he has an annoying wifey who was just abusing him.


The Rock was like a co-star, and he didn’t talk about him anything. Tyrese just said one thing, and that was, “Google our previous chit-chats.”

Wendy was very much happy with the way she asked him questions and the way Tyrese dodged them.