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The Perceptions of “Blade Runner” For 2019 Came True

The presumptions of “Blade Runner” in 1982 somehow stands true for the modern world of 2019. As we can rightly say, Deckard, holds our future. The future world, which was envisioned by Richard Deckard in 1982, finally arrives. The movie was based in November 2019, and all the fictional plots of the movies constitute today’s reality timeline. It is right to say that now is the future. But how did “Blade Runner” so accurately points out the situation of present days? Let’s find out.

The Pep Talk

Futuristic World As Presumed by Blade Runner Image Source: Google

Syd Mead, Blade Runner’s celebrated designer mentions to The Post, “science fiction movies are always ahead of reality.” This film took its inspiration from the 1968 novel “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?”. This novel is also a sci-fi novel and was written by Philip K. Dick. This novel somehow manages to paint the present dirty scenario. The present was portentous to the past in a few ways.

Mead says, “I knew Ridley wanted to portray a city that has architecturally and visually congested cities. This is because decent people never came lower than the 40th floor”. He continues to say, “The streets of the city looks like a basement floor.” The situation might hold some truth for some places in New York City. The film also portrays a world that has technology advancements and aggressive advertising skills. Above all, it shows a world where global warming is at its peak. It looks quite relatable, doesn’t it?

Despite 1982’s best guesses, 2019 didn’t end up looking much like this.©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett C

This, however, is not the only movie that foresees the future. The present-day condition of the modern world was also futuristically presented in the “The Running Man” of 1987. In 2017, Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling made a remake of this classic “Blade Runner” movie. However, it is set on a more distant future. It shows the world of 2049.