The New Star for Lakers Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is a professional basket ballplayer. He recently made his debut for the Lakers. He has already impressed in the pre-season games as well. Besides that, the talent that he posses can sure make him a legend in Laker’s history. Most importantly, he can be their main man after the departure of LeBron James. You can access all the news and content about the Lakers from here. In his first game of the season, Davis got off to a flying start. He bagged his first bucket for the side very early in the match. Davis impressed in the sideline area, passing balls to his teammates to score. He got through contact to finish beautifully and get his first basket. The reason behind the Laker’s amazing start was largely down to him.

Pre-Season Performances

At first, it was hard to say that Anthony Davis was going to play in the pre-season. He suffered a scary injury to his thumb while playing against Nets. Despite all of these situations, he had a really productive pre-season for the Lakers. Anthony managed to get 13 points on average, 3.8 assist, 6.3 rebounds, and 1.5 interceptions per game. As the pre-season continued, Anthony flourished with the other players around him. He managed to get a number of assist on the board early into the matches. He also showcased his talents on and off the ball. While he was managing to create chances for his teammates, he was also good at defending.

Previous Pre-Season Performances

In last season he was playing for the Pelicans and was exceptional. His performances and numbers have taken a hit this season compared to the previous season. He now does not have the responsibility to shield the entire backline. In the Lakers team, the pressure is divided equally. When you’re playing next to LeBron James, you can easily depend on him to guide you through. As James as made a career with playing with the elites. It was no surprise that Anthony did not require much time to gel with the team. There might be some other pressures on the duo, but as of now, they are playing absolutely brilliant.