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The Last Black Man in Francisco – starring Jimmie directed by Joe Talbot, can be year’s best film

Joe Talbot, director and Star Jimmie Fails of The Last Black Man in San Francisco is making one of the year’s best films.

The Last Black Man in San Francisco is an American drama directed by produced by Joe Talbot, featuring the story of Jimmie Fails and his best friend, Montgomery.

The primary focus of the film is showing the struggle story of Jimmie’s, an African American man to retrieve his ancestral Victorian House in the Fillmore District constructed by his late grandfather ‘Danny Glover’ in 1946.

A couple of years later, the house is occupied by an elderly couple, and Jimmie finds it kind of hard to digest the couple doesn’t maintain the house properly. Hopefully, Jimmie gets an opportunity to reclaim the home when two sisters start fighting about the house. Thus, he plots a strategy to gain control over the house.

In one of the extracts from the movie – Pointing to the city, Jimmy says- “You can’t hate something if you didn’t love it first.” But it is not specified that he is talking about family, humanity, or some other random thing.

The turning point in the story comes when a mysterious man kills another childhood friend Kofi. Alongside, their plans to obtain the property don’t go as expected as the realtors claim that Jimmie’s grandfather didn’t construct the house.

In the end, Jimmie expresses his gratitude to Mont for being his best for so long only to leave him alone with his grandfather Allen.

The film has successfully managed to capture the emotions of many people. The film has managed to earn as high as $230,000 at its premiere in LA, New York, and San Francisco last week.