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‘The King’ – a story of nobility and pointless wars

David Michod is a very famous director. His best work is in movies like “The Rover,” “Animal kingdom,” etc. Justin Kurzel is an Australian director who is going to part Michod in the new project. Justin is well known for his direction in movies like “Macbeth,” “True History of the Kelly Gang,” etc. But, both these directors are really special and exceptionally well at their jobs. Besides that, both of the directors are not necessarily good at seeing the future of the movie industry. But, what they are good at is making marvelous movies on one singular point of view. The movie that they are working on right now is “The King.” A movie that will fill you up with so many thoughts that it will all become complicating.

About the movie

The movie is all about the doom and gloom of the past. But, with more complex twists and plots, it will leave you shocked. Timothee Chalamet is now an Oscar nominee. His roles in movies like “Beautiful Boy” and “Call Me by Your Name.” His acting skills are successful in capturing the scene, even when the editing fails. The role of King Henry IV is been played by Ben Mendelsohn. Timothee Chalamet is playing the role of Hal, who is the eldest son of the King, but the King calls him for letting him know that he won’t be residing on the throne. Hal himself does not have any ambition to rule after his father. But, he refuses to watch his younger brother pointlessly fighting his father’s meaningless wars. England is tumbling towards decline, and resources are getting less with each passing day.

But now Hal is the new King, King Henry V. But with his father’s death and Hal taking off as the new King, the land is at Peace. A French Assassin was set to attack Hal at the time of the celebration. But he still didn’t launch a war at the French. This is the type of Peace he wants in his kingdom were no pointless war becomes the reason for the loss of life. But, the second and third attack forces him to act strictly. With the best directors and brilliant actors, this is receiving recognition all over the world.