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The Japan-China Movie Industry Rising Rapidly

The two economic giants came together in the movie industry. Nobody was sure what to expect from the collaboration of the two sides. The joining of the two sides Japan and China, was announced at the TIFFCOM content market. Japan and the chain are the world’s second and third-biggest economies, respectively. The news was spreading like fire when it came out in the press. Along with this collaboration in the sets of the movie, the two giants also signed a peace treaty. The Asian powerhouse was signing the peace treaty last year, leading to calming things at both borders. This joining of forces was leading towards cooperation and no further interference in the movie sector. A number of speakers at the TIFFCOM event were saying this to boast the joining of these two giants as successes.

Zhang Yibai is a Chinese director. His movie “The Longest Night in Shanghai” is one of the first movies of the Japan-China joint. This movie was running in the theaters in 2007 in both countries. The movie was an example of how well both the side can work when together. He also feels that the joining of the two countries will help both of the countries to make better movies. He also feels that this collaboration will also help both the movie industries to gain viewers internationally.

The Establishing Movies

The movie “Spirited Away” was running in the theater in June 2001. The earning of the movie is &69 million as of now. It is nearly 20 years that the movie has been released. With all of the people now recognizing the work of these movies, the animes are also flourishing. The Japanese animes are now generating big earnings and also recognition in china. One of the most famous anime, “One Piece” is still running, and its earring has been $ 27 million and counting. Other movies like the Japanese action movie Shoplifter are also a very big hit in China. The movie’s director is Hirokazu Kore-eds and the movies earning is $ 14 million. The movie release date was last year and made such a big sum in China. This is helping the movies to create an international fan base too.