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The Gunpla Builders World Cup Winners Announced by Gundam

The Gunpla Builders World Cup Winners Announced by Gundam

The Gunpla Builders World Cup Winners Announced by Gundam. This is going to be the fortieth anniversary of the Mobile Suit: Gundam at full pace. Besides that, there are a lot of new things that the fans are really excited about this time around. Now the fans are going to gaze their eyes on the new plastic models of the company. The new plastic models that will be out by the organization very soon are known as “Gunpla.” Each year there is a competition held by Bandai to see the creations of the fans.

Mobile Suit: Gundam

There are a lot of young and adult fans that take part in the competition. You make think that make models can be a very easy task, but it is not. The participants must make a Gunpla with their own imagination and creativity. The participants must use simple materials, and the Gunplas should be very awesome if they want to win the competition.

About the competition

The fans and participants are from all over the world. They create their own models with new ideas, and then the competition begins after they finish. It is a really big competition, and the participants come in huge numbers. But after a very long battle between the contestants, the winner of the “Gunpla Builders World Cup” will be announced soon. The result of the competition is shared by Logroid on twitter.

The Gunpla Builders World Cup Winners Announced by Gundam

In the post, you can see the winner of both the junior and senior categories. Besides that, you can also see many other winners for some of the other categories. The other categories very on the other aspects of model making, and each had a special need that the contestants needed to fulfill to win.

There were also some really amazing and brilliant Gunplas that didn’t win but were really good. The models and the idea behind each and every model are really awesome, and all the contestants should be proud of themselves. The winning Gunpla comes for Mobile Suit: Gundam. This franchise is from China, and they really put in a lot of thought in making the Gunpla. It shows the amazing scene from the past of Gundam, and the title of the model is “Dream.”