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‘The Good Liar’: know everything about Release date, trailer, cast, and plot

The Good Liar
Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren

“The Good Liar” is a new movie full of suspense and thriller. It is about the relationship between a wealthy widow and a con-man. The incidents in movies change their lives forever. There are a lot of stories in novels, shows, movies, and television. The audience always likes to see life on a con-man and con-woman to see how they lead their lives. The excitement that the thriller movie produces with the help of the cast is really good. But, we all know that coning ends with the con-man getting caught by the government. But “The Good Liar” movie skips the law enforcement part and focuses on the story of the con-man and the person getting conned.

Everything you want to know

The movie is going to release on Friday, 15th November 2019. The main plot of the story is about a relationship between a conman and the person he is conning. The lead actor is Ian McKellen, as he is playing the role of “Roy Courtnay.” The leading actress in the movie is Helen Mirren as she is playing the role of “Betty Mcleish”. In the movie, Betty is a very wealthy woman, but she is a widow. They first meet online, and they easily hit if off. The main reasons behind them getting so well together were due to Roy’s agenda of conning Betty.

But as the story continues, Roy finds himself falling for Betty. He was not sure how it was happening, as he never thought that something like this is possible. After getting close to her past life and her ways and views on life Roy’s starts to love her. But to know what will actually happen in the end you need to watch this thriller movie. The main leads of the movie are one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. Both of them are successful and have a huge fan base. The fans from both sides are excited about seeing the movie. With this brilliant cast and different con story than usual, it is definitely worth a watch.