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The First Bluekeep Mass Hacking, Finally Discovered by Researchers

Despite several warnings for months, the Bluekeep attack is finally here. But it’s a relief that it is not as bad as we thought it would be. It was last May when Microsoft reveals that the Windows devices are under serious attack of malware. The malware identifies itself as Bluekeep. An automated worm can be enabled by it, and it can spread malware across all computers. Someone unleashes a global attack with this malware, and it just saves itself from the worst-case scenario.

Scientific Explanation

Security researchers designed some machines which will help them to detect the malware outbreaks. These researchers say that they spot their machines to be compromised to the Bluekeep vulnerability. In Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol, if there is a bug, then it can enable the hacker to gain full control. The hacker will have supreme power over the code execution on all the unpatched machines. The exploitation was previously only done for concept proofs.

The First Bluekeep Mass Hacking, Finally Discovered by Researchers
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This malware has very dangerous consequences. The malware, however, so far is hacking only minor leeches to create a cryptocurrency. The worm does not randomly jump from computer to computer. The hackers initially scan the whole wide internet in order to find the most vulnerable machines. This early realization makes the malware fall short of an epidemic.

Marcus Hutchins says, “Bluekeep has been out in the wide world for quite some time now. But this is the first time when I am seeing it being used on such a large scale”. He is a malware researcher in Kryptos Logic. Hutchins is the first man to build a concept to tackle Bleuekeep malware. He says they do not have any definite targets. They are just scanning for exploits all over the internet.