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The Expected Arrival Time Of Season 6, Episode 9 of “Power” On Starz!

The third and final season of Power has just had Just premiered on Starz, and the 9th episode is on the way. The action of Power seems to be high and burning. The 8th episode aired in the previous week with the title ‘Deal With The devil.’ The 9th episode is going to be related to the consequences of Lakeisha’s death and Tommy’s Revenge.

What does Will happen In The 9th Episode?

We hate to give you the spoilers, but here is a sneak peek of what is going to happen in episode 9. The episode will be titled “Scorched Earth.” The episode opens with Tommy speaking to a ghost over the phone. He is still processing Lakeisha’s death, and the conversation didn’t end up well. The episode is all about Tommy focusing on the Ghost and continuing with his plan. If You have been following Power for long enough now, then you must know what the plan is.

The Promo also shows Dre devising a list of arrangements to force Tommy to go against him. It also shows Tommy fighting against his past victim’s relatives. The Promo comes to an end with the conversation between the Ghost and the Politician. “I know your real identity Ghost, or more preferably, James.”

What Time Will Episode 9 Be on Starz?

The timing of the when the episode is going to air on Starz is all you need to know. Now that we have given you a spoiler, here is the actual deal. New Episodes of Power premiers every Sunday on Starz. So on that note, Episode 9 of Power will appear on October 20 (Sunday) on Starz. The show will air at 8:00 pm. ET.

The episode will also be violable on Starz App and Starz.com like all other episodes. All the episodes will also be available for download on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes. You need to sign up on Starz for a 7-day free trial to view the episodes. However, for people who want to watch it on HULU cannot stream it from a traditional account. They need to buy a subscription pack of Starz for $8.99 per month to view the show.