The Duo of Bad Bunny and Natanael Cano release new remix “Soy El Diablo”

A video post that was ob Bad Bunny’s Instagram profile on Oct 11, 2019, was a strange video. In the post-Bad, Bunny was singing and drinking tequila on a Spanish song, and guitars were playing in the background. The caption of the post was “Ready for attending the PORN HUB AWARDS, and tomorrow the Mexican tour X100PRE will start”. It was very easy for is fans to recognize the song that Bad Bunny was jamming to.

One of the comments on his post was, “bro, how did you find out about Natanael Cano.” Cano is a singer who is 18 years old and is from Hermosillo, Mexico. He plays the instrument that’s known as the corridos tumbados. This is a very traditional corrido that is not so ethical for the hip-hop genre. This is not correct for music as well as the cinematic set. The corrido tumbados does not go well with chanting or rapping.

About the song

This is a Mexican song that was by Cano and is known as “Soy el Diablo.” This song is about a boy running in the streets, swaggering corrido tumbados. This is why Bad Bunny found this song very relatable and likes the song. The Instagram post, which contains the remix by Bad Bunny, is making a headline. That little video in the post is now going to lead in making a remix video of the song.

The remix music video came out on Friday, Oct 25, 2019. This sponsoring and releasing to the video is by Humilde, and also the work of spreading the remix video is by Cinq Music. At first, it was an idea to do a collaboration with both singers. This idea of making collaboration with both the singers was by Marissa Gastelum. Marissa Gastelum works at apple and is responsible for Latin artist relations at apple music.

The planing of the remix

Noah is the manager of Bad Bunny, and in September, Noah was talking with Marissa, asking what she thinks about Bad Bunny. Marissa says that she knew that Bad Bunny likes this song very as she as all this information came from his agent. she then comes up with a plan on making a remix of this song along with Bad Bunny. She, along with Jimmy Humilde, made this all possible, and now the song is trending everywhere.