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The Death Of Baghdadi Does Not Necessarily Mean the end Of ISIS

The Scene Of Destruction by Baghdadi. Image Source: Google

Abu Bakr-al Baghdadi, the supreme of ISIS, is now dead. This is the man who led a self-proclaimed Islamic state. He is also the same man who has his involvement in the destruction of several cities all around the world, from capturing Raqqa in Syria to throwing a blitzkrieg in Iraq. From destroying Tikrit, Mosul is going all the way to the land of Baghdad. The man who was the creator of so much menace is no longer alive. ISIS brought in horrifying, brutal standards with slavery, beheadings and mass executions. These incidents, when caught on camera, seems to demolish antiquities and religious sites.

The Brutal Truth

abu bakr al-baghdadi

The ISIS leader might have been killed by the United States and its coalition allies. But, it is nowhere close to getting over. It is still active with an immense fan following in several parts of the world. This includes Europe and others. There are almost 18,000 fighters still active in Iraq and Syria. Keeping this figure in mind, it is wrong to think that the death of Baghdadi brought an end to this widespread network. Baghdadi was, however, at the peak of his institution, but he was successful in creating an excellent troop of evil fighters.

Baghdadi, unlike other terrorists, did not maintain a high public profile. He was most of the time underground with only one public appearance in July 2014. It was the occasion of his sermon delivery in the Grand Mosque of Mosul. Baghdadi was never a follower of any cult. But he, however, was a believer that he was the descendant of Prophet Muhammad. ISIS is far from going anywhere, at least for a long time now. It might transform into something else like all other terrorist groups, but it is not over yet.

The Future ISIS

ISIS Network. The Future Of ISIS. Image Source: Google

Regardless of the future of ISIS in the world, the Middle East is always safe. The authoritarian class has a mandatory regime here. They crush anyone who tries to bring a change sending them to absolute silence. They even decide to torture or kill any imaginary or real opponent of the authority. The citizens, however, have nothing else to do except submit to their authoritarian tortures and accepting corruption or taking the side of the extremists.

The West, specifically the United States, is even not left out from this oppression. They seem to balance their human rights and democracy, but in recent decades, they have found themselves in the same trap. With the help of their allies from the Middle East, people OF America has also started to favor the extremists. And unless the whole dictator rule is smashed, a new Baghdadi will always be ready to emerge.