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The conspiracy of the masked singer

The final episode of the masker singer was live last night, in which the audience came to know that Cody Simpson was the robot, Rob Mills was the Wolf, and Gorgi Coghan was the monster as we know that already. But there has been some discussion about it today regarding a problem. It was easy to think that after the finale was over, everything would be back to normal. But now a big conspiracy theory has come forward to rattle the minds of the people. This huge conspiracy involves three people who are Millsy, Cody, and Audery, who is the wife of Osher.
So let us just being from the start

Cody’s victory was a setup

Everyone would agree that the system which has been used in the Masked Singer show was just fake from start to end. The votes on the show were made by the judges and also the audience, but we ask first what was the rules of the votes, and secondly, the real votes were never taken into count. The participants who were going to stay further in the competition was totally the call of the producers Osher; this was clearly based on the popularity of the singer. Cody Simpson, already an international performer, was always the favorite to win the competition. When Lindsay Lohan came in the show and kept on guessing random singers behind the mask, she almost was certain that the robot was Cody. Cody used to date her sister Ali and was almost destined to win the show with the help of the Others.

A marriage ruined by the Osher

Osher destroyed the relationship between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. The big plan was to make Miley Cyrus date with Cody so that she was present at the final episode. It is known that Osher went to Byron Bay. He had a chat with Miley, expressing her that Liam is not a loyal guy. The plan worked as she was there to watch the finale while clicking pictures with Osher. They also went live on Instagram to show their relationship up close to their followers, as it was a plan by Osher.

Distraction Roy Mills

Mills was only a distraction on the show to hide everything that was going behind the stage. His hot dance moves and sexy body wearing the wolf costume. The audience looks at him more and overlooking the conspiracy of the entire show. While Mills was taking the spotlight on him. Osher was busy along with his pregnant wife. He was guiding her to help Cody. So that he can get into Mileys DM’s all of this to make the show a super hit.