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Tell me Who I am the new Netflix documentary has a thought-provoking story behind

Tell Me Who I Am. This is a story about twins. One of them loses his memory. He remembers nothing but the name of his brother. He has forgotten everything that has ever happened. This is a way of constructing a new life.

That is what one thinks about. His twin helped him create his memories with the help of pictures. All the memories were happy ones. This leads him to believe that he had a happy childhood.

There is always a twist. No one’s life is simple, but the life of these twins is complicated. His brother has been hiding the most profound, darkest truth about their life.

He could not bring himself to tell him what happened. He is stuck between telling the truth or letting him go on to live his life in an imaginary world.

The brother didn’t know what to do. With the help of Ed Perkins, the director, recorded a video and told him the truth. It was a very hard decision. Something had to be done. This is an ethical question. Should he have not told him the truth?

The truth around which the whole documentary revolves is that during their childhoods, their mother had sexually harassed them. She even let her friends take sexual advantage of her children. This does raise questions on the mother.

The brother gathered all his courage and decided to break his brother’s heart one more time by making him relive, remember what had happened in their past.

This documentary makes its viewers go through all the emotions the twins went through and go through the dilemma that the brother went through. There is no right answer to what should have been done. It can be argued upon for long.

It is a never-ending discussion. It took years for the brother to come to a decision. His decision cannot be questioned because viewers are not connected to it personally. They can be asked to understand, but no judgment can be passed.