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Stunning Bookstores All Around The World That Are Worth Visiting

Stunning Bookstores All Around The World That Are Worth Visiting

Stunning Bookstores All Around The World That Are Worth Visiting. Books are always known to be the best friend of humans, but times are drastically changing. With the advancement of technology and all the latest gadgets coming up, everyday books are starting to become extinct from people’s lives.

However, for all the readers of the world, there are certain bookstores that have the capability to transform its readers into a never-ending faraway land. These bookstores are magical, and from their décor to architecture, everything is marvellous. So for all the book lovers we here present to you some unique and cosy bookstores all around the world that are worth visiting.

Housing Works Bookstore Café And Bar, New York

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe And Bar Image Source: Google

This bookstore finds itself among the most quintessential bookstores of New York. It falls second to the Strand. This bookstore is a part of an NGO and gives out most of its profits to help homeless people and AIDS patients. The interior of the bookstore includes a spiral staircase. This gives the feeling of an old library with lots of books surrounding the reader.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentinien, El Ateneo Grand Splendid Image Source: Google

This bookstore was previously a cinema theatre which turned into a bookstore in 1919. The bookstore tries to establish a connection between books and the arts. The interior of the bookstore retains some of the décors of the old theatre. It retains ornate trim, frescoed ceilings and also the velvet curtains. The books, however, find themselves aligned to the wall giving a very dramatic feeling.

  1. Librairie des Colonnes, Tangier, Morocco

Librairie Des Colonies, Morocco Image Source: Google

Tangier has been the house of several celebrated writers during the 50s and 60s. The bookstore features mostly French classics, but it also includes some English and Spanish works. The bookstore is trying to come up with certain original publications and are also increasing their Arabic content.

Word On The Water, London, England

Word On Water, England Image Source: Google

This bookstore interestingly enough is a floating bookstore. It is situated on the Regents Canal and is also popular as “The London Bookbarge”. This bookstore started off as a mobile bookshop. It now, however, has found a permanent place to settle. Readers can browse through several books throughout the year. During the winters the readers can get cosy beside a burning fire, and during the summers they can enjoy rooftop musical and poetic performances.

Boekhandel Dominicanen, Maastricht, Netherlands

Boekhandel Dominicanen, Netherlands Image Source: Google

This bookstore was a church of the 13th century, and it was the receiver of a new face in 2006. The bookstore is a three-storeyed building that houses a plethora of books. The interior features a cathedral, some vaulted ceilings that are engrossed with murals and also painted glass windows.

Liberia Acqua Alta, Venice, Italy

Liberia Acqua Alta, Italy Image Source: Google

This bookstore has some interesting concepts of protection. Venice is popular for its water tunnels and in order to protect the books from recurring floods, the owners have arranged something amazing. They keep their books in waterproof containers which include gondolas and bathtubs. The bookstore is a home for several stray cats, and it mostly includes books that are secondhand or out of print.

Zhongshuge Bookstore, Hangzhou, China

Zhongshuge Bookstore, Hangzhou, China Image Source: Google

This Chinese marvel masters architectural intelligence. The bookstore features round seats and stairs along with mirrored ceilings in order to give an optical illusion of never-ending books. Another remarkable feature is the tunnel which is filled with books. It takes the readers through a roller coaster ride, and the tunnel opens up to the children’s room.

Kay Craddock Antiquarian Bookseller, Melbourne, Australia

Kay Craddock Antiquarian Bookseller, Melbourne, Australia Image Source: Google

This shop houses some secondhand and antique collection of books. It is built inside a gothic church, and its interior includes some pristine owl figurines. The readers can find these owls scattered everywhere, along with some classic collection of books.