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Shay Mitchell Welcomes A New Born Daughter With Boyfriend Matte Babel

We all remember Shay Mitchell as Emily from Pretty Little Liars. She revealed this June that she was expecting with boyfriend Matte Babel. Her expectation has finally turned into reality. The new mom announced the news by a tweet. She also announced in her Instagram handle as they welcomed home a newborn girl this Sunday. She also shared a photo of the newborn on her Instagram.

The Welcome

Influencer and actress Shay Mitchell announced her pregnancy earlier this year. She finally confirmed it sharing a pregnant photo on Instagram. She kept updating the world regularly ever since. The actress finally welcomed her baby daughter with boyfriend Matte Babel this Sunday.

She shared an adorable photo with her baby girl wrapping her fingers around her fingers. She put a caption under this photo, saying, “Will never let go.” Shay has also detailed her entire pregnancy period on YouTube, as well. The news of her pregnancy was revealed five months later she confirmed about her miscarriage. She wrote, “We all have our own challenges and struggles in life. But the amount of support you people gave me lifted me even in my darkest days”.

The Dating Period

Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel began dating 2017. The rumors about their relationship have been circling ever since. Early in 2019, she revealed that she had a miscarriage in 2018. She was five months pregnant at that time. The revelation story was heartbreaking. But nonetheless, she kept strong, and the couple tried again. The successful news this time related to the fans. She also regularly posted on Instagram to make her fans a part of her journey.

Mitchell, along with her boyfriend, revealed the baby’s gender this July. They did so with a funny power rangers battle on YouTube. A battle between a pink and a blue power ranger where the pink ranger triumphed finally confirmed the baby’s gender. She also joked about peeing almost 22 times a day, saying that holding your pee during pregnancy is a tough task.

We are happy to see Mitchell finally succeed in having the child of her dreams after her struggle. We hope to see her share her parenting photos too.