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SCAMS on Netflix: The new series that’s streaming on Netflix from November 6.

Netflix is getting bigger with its original Series, making a pathway into hearts. In this Original series conquest Netflix’s Japanese Series ” SCAMS” is released. Here is a shortlist that you should know before watching this Series.

SCAMS is a Japanese Series Originally Adopted from Daisuke Suziki’s ” Rojin Kui,” basically a Non-fictional work.
This Series contains nine, 30-minute episodes.
For now, First Season is All set to release on November 6th.


Seijitsu Kusano gets into a job after being freshly graduated in a large company. His life became a lap of luxury. When everything was going on the right point, his life gets twisted, and he was taken off from his Job due to bankruptcy, Making these worse his father’s medicines and treatment is got over his head. His insurance doesn’t even cover it. Moreover, he is pressurized by the bank to pay off his student loans.

Then Seijitsu Kusano Notices a job that Guarantees a Luxurious life and heavy pay. He has to withdraw money from elderly people’s bank accounts, and these people end up becoming the victims of voice phishing; that’s a big breakthrough in the story.


This Series Starring Yosuke Sugino, Tomoya Maeno, Maika Yamamoto, and others.


Kobayashi Yuki

Kobayashi Yuki is the director of the series. His previous works are “Death Row Family” and “Rise of the Machine Girls.”

Where to watch:

Tune into Netflix on November 6, 2019.