Sasuke’s Time Travel Game With Boruto Will Break His Heart

Naruto, a Japanese TV series, has taken the hearts of its fans. The series is based on a ninja who wants to become the village leader. He also strives hard to obtain his friends’ recognition. Naruto has recently announced its fall preview, and according to that, it has special news.

The Preview

According to Comicbook, Buruto will time travel for a special arc. This will be in order to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Naruto franchise. The fans are quite excited about all the possibilities that are going to appear in the series, but there is always a twist. The fans expected to see the characters who were long gone back in the series. They also expected to see Buruto back in his younger self as a result of his time travel. But what the fans didn’t expect was seeing Sasuke travel back in time as well. Perhaps the series has something else planned for Sasuke.

Naruto fans argue that there is probably some bad news for Sasuke. We might see some heartbreaking moments as Sasuke confronts everything he has missed since his childhood. There is a tweet from @hatakefox on Twitter, which says, “Sasuke is about to come face to face with everything he has missed. He is about to regret his life choices, what about that?”

The Theory

The theory explains that Buruto will confront his father in a hypocritical situation before traveling back in time. The fact that Sasuke is traveling with him must have a logical explanation, and his confronting his heartbreaking moments seems to be the closest match. According to promotional materials of the recent times, the time travel takes Buruto and Sasuke back in time when Sasuke left his village.

The series first aired in 2002 and ran for a total of 700 episodes till 2017. The series was popular enough to demand a sequel titled Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The sequel was drafted several years later after the original Naruto story was aired. The sequel features the kids of several characters of the original Naruto story.