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Russians Are “Grooming” Tulsi Gabbard As An US Third Party Candidate: Hillary Clinton

According To CNN, Hillary Clinton had news to break. Mrs. Clinton was the former nominee for Democratic Presidential elections. She proposes that Russians are “grooming” a new third party candidate. She further suggests that the candidate has been previously linked to Russia for getting ‘cozy’ in the past. As per her statement, the comment is undoubtedly directed toward Tulsi Gabbard, the representative of Hawaii.

The Bomb Drop

The former nominee made her statement on Thursday. She, however, did not provide any concrete proof but very strongly accused. Hillary alleged that the Russian propaganda sites and news channels are often displaying moments of Gabbard’s campaign along with ties to Russia. She further said the Kremlin’s are grooming her in order to help re-elect Donald Trump. The former Presidential nominee further accused that this was a strategy to create division among liberal voters. Mrs. Clinton, however, did not name the candidate, but her indications strongly confirmed the personality.

The Cold War

Mrs. Clinton did not make any personal accusations. Her allegations were even denied by Gabbard. Gabbard referred to the allegations of Mrs. Clinton as “cowardly.” Mrs. Clinton commented on Gabbard by saying,’ “she is the favorite of Russia.” As per the Wednesday podcast, she did not directly name the person. She further continued,’ “Russia has several both and sites to support her. They have several other measures as well”.

Ms. Gabbard was not the one to remain silent. She fired back by calling her the “queen of warmongers.” She further referred to Mrs. Clinton as “corruption embodiment.” Gabbard very strongly and boldly tweeted that Hillary has wronged the democratic system for quite long now. It is definitely time for some change. According to the BBC, Ms. Gabbard threw an open challenge in front of Mrs. Clinton. She asked her to join the Presidential race if she dares. She further comments, “do not hide behind your proxies.”

Ms. Gabbard is a candidate for anti-war and also a veteran military. She suggests the US government not to act as the policeman of the world. She denied all the allegations and accusations made on her. On a TV debate with 11 other democratic members, she called these allegations “completely despicable.”