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Russell And Ciara Wilson Dress Up as Jay Z And Beyoncé For Halloween

Russell and Ciara shock their fans with their Halloween costumes for this year. They dress as Jay Z and Beyoncé, and it is so accurate that fans had to look twice to identify them correctly. The Wilson recreates the iconic moment of ‘Apeshit.’ This is a music video by Beyoncé and Jay Z. In this video, there is a time when the singers stand in front of a Monalisa painting and then in front of a portrait of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

The Wilsons, however, do not incorporate Monalisa or Meghan. Instead of this, they decide to pose in front of their very own hero Barrack Obama along with his wife, Michelle. This replication is basically a tribute from one of the power couples to another. The replication is so on point that it left all the viewers and fans shook. No one can ever identify them just in one glance.

The Look

Ciara and Russell replicating Beyonce and Jay Z Image source: Google

Ciara, who is 34 years old, manages to recreate every inch of Beyonce. From her fierce pout to her hairstyle, Ciara does in all and not to mention, does it perfectly. Russell, on the other hand, decides to copy Jay Z. He styles hair in the Afro way just like Jay Z. however, there is a twist in Russell’s look. He wears a suit of powder blue color and leaves his buttons undone. This is something Jay Z will never dare to do. They both, however, very impactfully recreated the entire look. Ciara posts this look on her Instagram page.


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From the Wilsons to the Carters to the Obamas… Much Love & Respect. We goin Ape $#!% #HappyHalloween

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She captions this post as, “From the Wilsons to the Obamas and Carters. Much Respect and Love. We goin Ape$#!%. #HappyHalloween”. One of their fans even reacts to this look. The look is so accurate that the fan comments, “YAASS Yall Did That.” One fan also cheers and says, “OMG Russell, with his hair, took me out. They ace this look”. Another comment says, “Nailed It!”.


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CC X Bey

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This doppelganger look took the entire Instagram world by storm. We still are unaware of Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s look for Halloween, but if they decide to go vice-versa, we will be in shock.