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Ruptured Hydrant From Crash Floods UC Berkeley Dorms, Displaces 20 Students

Flooding is the last thing from the top for UC Berkeley students living in hillside dorms might expect. That is exactly what happened last Saturday after a car crash happened into a nearby fire hydrant. UC Berkeley students got the least expected tragedy.

The crash and gradual gushing water from the ruptured hydrant flooded several dorms in two different buildings at the Berkeley campus due to which a massive evacuation has been forced. About twenty students were displaced.

Before crews could shut the gush of water off, it took about two hours of stress to control flood. “I saw a flow of water was coming in, from the staircase and water was flying down outside the door,” freshman Anna Maria said. “They had to keep the doors open. Yeah, It was dark and scary because I thought the dormitories would be completely ruined and sacked.”
It was really scary that students went to study there for the sake of their life they lost their life.

A driver crashed directly into the fire hydrant near UC Berkeley Saturday, due to which it caused major flooding and forcing several evacuations. A video came that clearly shows gallons of water was flowing into the air. The water was flooding the area of Highland Place and Hearst Avenue. It went for nearly about two hours. The water thrashed the area of downhill, and the water directly went into Stern Hall and Foothill. Students are living in buildings of Foothill were four through nine got a text telling them to evacuate. The Cal representatives were searching to find them a place to stay on campus. An eye witness was saying, “A fast-moving car came into the fire hose outlet and broke, which is shooting up water dumping water into the street.”