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Rosario Dawson Sued with her whole Family.

This is a story of a transgender man, Dedrek Finley. He files a complaint in the court of Los Angeles, stating that Rosario Dawson, along with her family members, was violently abusing him. He also files cases against Transphobic Harassment. Dawson is in a relationship with Sen. Cory Booker from New Jersey, who is a presidential candidate; she is the girlfriend of Cory Booker.

Legal Procedure

Dedrek Finley registers these complaints on Friday. It states that she and three family members abused Dedrek rights by insulting him for being a transgender man. The complaint covers mental illness, emotional stress, assault, damages, and many other allegations. Rosario Dawson and her family members, along with the family lawyer, have not given any statement immediately to the NBC news as they requested for her comments on the complaint.

Dedrek’s Personal life

As per the suit, Dedrek, 55, came from Beacon, a small town in New York. He came to Los Angeles on 2017 December. Dawson’s family appoints him as a handyman, which made sure that he had consistence work on his hands. Dedrek moves into North Hollywood, a home that was previously a home for the Dawson family.

He then confessed that he was a transgender, informing the family that now he will be Dedrek and the pronouns that should be used are he/him.

As soon as Dedrek came out of his shell, the behavior of the Dawson family changed towards him. They abused him every day while he was performing his daily chores. The process commences throughout the day. The process makes him feel different from other people and staff in the house. When Rosario cam to know about this, she also did not take any steps to stop this or to make him feel better. Derek case files make a mention of all these complaints.

He also said that Rosario would always respond to him saying that “You are an adult woman now.” This is after the confession of Dedrek. He was a transgender male and also stated the pronouns that they should use for referring to him. The complaints also said that the Rosario family told him to leave the house, but he refused as there was no illegal notice against him.