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“Rob Lowe Made Out An Sensational Statement on Sex Tapes That Ruined His Career Are The Best Thing That Happened To Him !!”.

Rob lowe, a 55-year-old American actor, made out sensational comments about his past ‘the incident that took away the entire stardom in Hollywood by a single wipe. The Thing that took everything from Rob Is “1988 Sex Tapes”.

Lowe a Gem of Hollywood who nominated for 6 GoldenGlobe Awards and one Primetime Emmy Award, debuted in1979 just at the age of 15 by 1987, he became a Hollywood Star, but by the next year he fell down from his career-best position for his Sex Tape Scandal in 1988.

But in 1988 Lowe included in some sex tapes where he had sex with a 16-year-old girl although it is legal age it decreased the name & fame of Rob.

After a decade, Rob Bounced back With a superhit political Drama, “The West Wing” in 1999 Which won 1 Prime Time Award and 2 Goldenglobe Awards.

After that TV Series, Rob Never Looked back, and now he is in Success path for all this he thanking his old tape that Ruined his Life by Mentioning “Sex tape scandal was ‘best thing’ that ever happened to me.”