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Regan Gascoigne son of footballer Paul Gascoigne comes out as bisexual

Paul Gascoigne footballer
UNITED KINGDOM – JUNE 22: EURO 1996 ESP – ENG 2:4 Wembley; Paul GASCOIGNE (Photo by Bongarts/Getty Images)

Paul Gascoigne is a legend in football. Everyone loved him at his playing time. Paul’s son Regan Gascoigne is a professional dancer. Regan Gascoigne is 23 years old and loves dancing. He says that he is gay, but his dad doesn’t know that yet. Regan Gascoigne has previously been in relationships with men. But, his relationships with men were not known to his dad. Regan had a strange relationship with his father, Paul. His father was an alcoholic, and that was not helping their relationship. His father was battling from alcohol for many years now. Paul is a former football player for his country England as well. But the former star is going through a rough patch. Recently the legendary footballer was not guilty and innocent over a court case on sexual assault inside a train.

The Story

Regan Gascoigne and his father don’t talk with each other that much now. He also thinks that his father won’t mind that he is gay. He says that even though we don’t talk with each other a lot, we still have a good relationship. After having a lot of secret dates with the boy, Regan finally opens up. He thinks it was not fair to hide this fact for such a long time. He says he is still the same guy that people know and love. Regan has more confidence and self-love towards himself after going public about this. Regan says that he knew that his father was sad when he didn’t become a footballer. Paul is a great footballer who wanted his son to follow his steps. But Regan was not interested in playing football.

Regan Gascoigne

Regan loves to dance and is a very good dancer. After he chose dance over football, their relationship became sour. The famous dancer now is going public about his sexuality. He feels that he is now an adult and can make decisions about his own life. With confidence and no reason to hide anything, regna are now happy. All of this was during an interview with Regan. This interview gave Regan the opportunity to reveal the world and his fans that he is gay.