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“RattleSnake Lost It’s Venom ! 1922 Director’s New Movie Failed To Impress Audience”

‘RATTLESNAKE’ an Anticipated Netflix movie that Released on October 25 That Failed to Satisfy Audience who waited for it for more than two months.

Zack Hidtch made a sensation in 2017 with ‘1992’ that made everyone to keep an eye on this film. 1922 has a spectacular screenplay that raises the bar very high for this film.

A one Word Review for this Overhyped Thriller is “DON’T GE FOOLED BY TRAILER.”

The story plot is pretty simple

Katrina played by Carmen Ejgojo Travels by car in a desert place with her daughter, as she goes her car tire gets flat when she was repairing her car her daughter bitten by a rattlesnake. Katrina Goes for help to a nearby house that has a mysterious woman who completely cures her daughter’s Snakebite.
But that Save costs a massive price, “a Soul for a Soul.”

Director started a story developing like ‘1922’ but ended up with a disaster subject.

Finally, Snakebite has no venom and failed to thrill the Audience.