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Rapper YG kicks fan off stage when he refused to sing ‘f**k Donald Trump.’

YG, an American Rapper, calls a fan on the stage. This was during his show in San Antonio, Texas, at the Mala Luna Music Festival. This was the incident on Saturday night, and it is here that he encourages his fan to tell “F*** Donald Trump,” but he refuses. When the fan refuses to obey his command, he kicks him off the stage. The fans who were present there make a video of the incident, and it went viral all over social media. This incident was the cause of quite an online stir, and it received quite a viral attention as well.

Rapper YG
image : dailywire.com

What Actually Happened?

The real name of the rapper is Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, and he has been asking one of his fans at the concert to condemn Trump. The male fan was of white origin, and he was wearing a blue jacket. The rapper says, “I figured you out in the crowd and asked you if you would f*** Donald Trump. You replied by saying, you don’t know. So you need to make up your mind since you are not sure about it. And you will do it tonight”.

The rapper further continues to say, “I need you to sate your name because your entire family is watching. I want you to look them in the eye and say f*** Donald Trump”. The fan obviously was in denial of this urge. This refusal, however, was the maker of another series of events. Listening to the denial of the fan, the rapper shouted at the microphone, saying, “Get him outta here. Get his ass offstage. He is a Trump supporter”. The crowd also added to these insults and loudly booed, saying, “F*** outta here.” The fan got off the stage immediately.

Previous Events

In the year 2016, YG launches a protest song against Donald Trump, where he partners up with Nipsey Hussle. This song was on the very particular chant FDT (F*** Donald Trump). The song was a rebuke to the Presidential candidate of that time. The song draws its inspiration from an incident where black supporters were asked to leave Trump’s rally. The rally was held in Georgia, and it was the time of his election campaign for being the President.

After he won the Presidential elections, the song was a receiver of immense praise. The Los Angeles Times remarks this song as the “wrathful, unifying, and the most prophetic songs of protest in 2016” after the big win YG seeming withdrew his official protests against Trump.