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PUBG Mobile launched a new Anti-Cheat detection system to Ban Cheaters Automatically.

‘Players Unknown Battlegrounds,’ most commonly known as PUBG. This game has taken the whole gaming world by storm. You can see this game everywhere, in everyone’s mobiles and everyone is playing it. This game is everything from being challenging, to interesting and addictive. However, while everyone is trying hard to gain their own ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner,’ misfortunes also happen. There are some cheaters who are trying to pass through the seams. Well, it is bad news for all those cheaters.

PUBG Mobile launches its new anti-cheat detection system. A which will ban cheaters automatically. This move finally will establish a healthy and clean gaming environment among all players. PUBG Corporation, who is the company behind this game, clarifies the reason behind this. This move for anti-cheat detection is taken because they want to tell all the players that cheating is absolutely off-limits.

Players play this game for fun and refreshment. And this move is going to ensure that they get exactly what they deserve. PUBG Corporation, the company, further clarifies that they do not want anyone to pollute the gaming environment. The company also shares several important details regarding its future and current initiatives. The company also shares that it is upgrading its anti-cheat system to make it work in the current time.

The System Details

Hackers Will Be Banned For Cheating Image Source: Google

The upgraded PUBG Mobile can scan for any malware and game data. This includes modified and cheating software. The developer maintains an exclusive library. This can instantly cross-check any suspicious software. In addition to this, it is also developing its observation techniques. These techniques are going to prevent players from obtaining an unfair advantage. The security team of the PUBG Mobile even closely monitors all those players who are under red flags and instantly bans them.

This flagging system allows the developers to understand that it is only those players who cheat with external malicious software. The automated scanning system ensures that it only bans legitimate cheaters. The developers further claim that this up-gradation can also differentiate genuinely skilled players from cheaters. This ensures that it can also prevent any data damage due to internet lag. The General Manager, Vincent Wang, mentions, “We are 100% committed, and we want our players to know that. We want to provide a fair play gaming experience for all of you”.