PUBG Mobile Gets Beaten By Call Of Duty

For all the PUBG fans out there, we have a new most popular game in the market. It is the Call Of Duty. This is a new launch for smartphones, and it is known to cross 100 million recently. This record breaks the record of PUBG. This achievement is massive since it has only been a month from the launch of Call Of Duty.

As per the website, Call of Duty seems to have been surpassing all limits. PUBG has been the most popular mobile game recently. But for a relief, PUBG mobile is still on the top in the most downloaded category. However, this is only because its launch date is earlier than Call Of Duty.

Why Is Call Of Duty So Popular?

Call Of Duty Image Source: Google

This is a game under the publication of Activision, and it is under the development of Tencent Games. Tencent Games is an award-winning mobile games developer, and apparently, it is also the developer of PUBG Mobile. Call OF Duty was available for downloads on mobile by October 1. It was open for all regions except Vietnam, China, and Belgium. This game embraces the style of royal games in its utmost popularity.

The game provides the best first-person mobile experience. It includes maps, characters, weapons, several game modes that are spread all across the franchise. The game provides you the experience of modern warfare right at your mobile screens. In took only two days to reach 20 million after its launch date. The game is available on both Android and IOS platforms.

This game has been quite achieved as it has already reached another milestone because it has become the most popular game. Its growth estimates show that it is going to rise more and more in contrast to PUBG and also Fortnite. These are by far the most popular action games, but now it also has COD in the race. As per sensor towers, the players of the game have made $2 million in-game transactions to date.