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Princess Agents Does Chu Qiao Love Yuwen Yue?

Princess Agents
Princess Agents

Princess Agents Updates: Princess Agentssimply had the mom of all cop-out endings. I don’t recognize what’s worse, that any such promising display fizzled out withinside the least fulfilling manner or that the showrunners drowned any wish of a satisfied finishing into an icy bloodless lake.

Pushing the airtime again an hour additionally had its drawbacks because the remaining 3 episodes fell under 2.0% with the collection finale incomes most effective at 1.8%. Aleven though, it would possibly as properly were because of the truth that nobody favored the finishing, and I recognize I’m generalizing right here however who isn’t a touch irritated at this factor. Warning: Spoilers beforehand.

Princess Agents: Episode Recap

Episode 58 (Uncut Version) starts with the calm earlier than the storm. After walking into every different and catching up over hotpot, Chu Qiao (Zhao Li Ying) warns Yuwen Yue (Lin Gengxin) that they’re certain to stand every different in conflict and that he shouldn’t appear out for her whilst the time comes.

Chu Qiao argues that Yan Xun can kill Yuwen Yue in conflict, however now no longer in this manner, now no longer through the usage of her and taking benefit of his emotions for her. Yan Xun counters that the whole lot he has been doing changed into for her, however, she calls him out on all of the instances that he has ‘protected’ her – killing her comrades, forcing her to desert her beliefs, doubting her, the usage of her and spying on her.

Princess Agents: Does Chu Qiao Love Yuwen Yue

She doesn’t recognize whether or not her emotions for him are love, however, he changed into the maximum critical character to her, and but she’s having doubts as to whether or not or now no longer it changed into really well worth it and whether or not she without a doubt noticed him for who he changed into. Now, he’s were given his want due to the fact she goes over to Yuwen Yue, and for the remaining time she warns, “if Yuwen Yue dies in Yanbei, I will in no way forgive you.”

Princess Agents
Princess Agents

Outnumbered and alone, the remaining twenty mins of the episode bring the focal point again to Yuwen Yue as he fights a dropping conflict. Chu Qiao is the maximum badass that she’s ever been as she avenges Yueqi’s demise by dealing a skull-crushing blow (is that this Game of Thrones?) to Cheng Yuan and stabbing him withinside the coronary heart for exact measure. Xiao He and the Xiuli Army stave off the attackers to permit Chu Qiao to head beforehand and store Yuwen Yue.

She finally makes it to his facet simply after Yan Xun shoots any other arrow that is going directly via him. Yuwen Yue, again and again, tells her to head however she refuses and cries, “Sorry, I will in no way depart you again. Hold on, you need to hold maintaining on. Hold on.”

From a distance, Yan Xun does his entire monologue approximately how he has in no way changed. Chu Qiao simply in no way knew what it’s far that he desired and he is set to reveal her now. He sends extra guys wherein breaks the ice and reasons Yuwen Yue to plunge into the water. Chu Qiao dives after him, however, he pushes her away and urges her to stay on.

The waters engulf her and appear to rouse something inside her as her flower tattoo famous itself. At the equal time, she opens her eyes.

Final Take

I assume the most effective comfort is that Chu Qiao subsequently leaves Yan Xun even though I’m nevertheless peeved that she thinks that it’s far k for Yan Xun to kill Yuwen Yue so long as he does so honorably. I get that the display in no way meant to inform the whole tale from begin to finish, however, I even have a tough time seeing the factor of killing Yuwen Yue whilst putting in place the level for a probable sequel. Is he useless withinside the novels too or is it one imply joke?