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Political ads will not be accepted by twitter

On Wednesday, the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey says that twitter will no longer be accepting political ads. Dorsey says in a tweet that “They have made a decision of stopping ads relating to politics all over the world on twitter. Their belief is that these political messages should be earned and not bought”. He also says that “these political messages earn acceptance when the people choose to retweet or follow an account. But, paying for acceptance removes that choice, it then forces the people, and the others are also in a target of these political messages.

The verdict

Ned Segal is the Chief of Finance on twitter. On Wednesday, he says that the company was earning less than 3 million dollars by the political ads at the 2018 year cycle. He also says that the decision to not accepting political ads is due to principles and not because of money. The announcement was with intent and intensity of the Silicon Valley’s ways of political ads. Besides that, Facebook is also receiving criticism for allowing posts on false political ads. The comments by the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey beings a conflict with Facebook executives Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook executives say that their policy of not fact-checking the political ads is the reason for fake ads.

Mark Zuckerberg says that both the company’s Twitter and Facebook are diverging in their ways to tackle these ads. Zuckerberg, without mentioning Dorsey’s statements, opens Facebook’s earning for the third quarter. The Facebook owner says that they require being careful with the rules on political ads. He also stated that it’s not good for private companies to promote political views and their ads. The CEO concludes by saying that his company will keep on promoting political ads. There will no stopping the ads on views on politics. Mark Zuckerberg says that the revenue that they receive by political ads is going to be less than 0.5 percent next year. But with all the talks surrounding the Facebook company over their policies, very little benefit is gained through political ads.