Pharrell’s views on “blurred Lines” lawsuit decision: you cannot copyright a felling”

Pharrell is very sad after losing the copyrights of “Blurred Lines.” He is not at all happy with the decision and the verdict. He speaks with Rick Rubin in an interview with GQ. The lawsuit was over the lines of two songs that seem to be very similar to one another. But it was a very long and ongoing case; the results of the case came out in 2018. The judge of the case says that the producer and co-writer Pharrell, along with singer and co-writer Robin Thicke, need to pay a fine. The amount that they need to pay is almost $5 million. The amount is for the family of late singer Marvin Gaye. The two songs in question were “Blurred line” and “Got to Give it up” from 1977.

The Interview

In the interview for GQ, the producer and co-writer Pharrell says that the lines are not copied. He says that they both were sharing the same feeling, and you can’t copyright feelings. Rubin says that it hurts him that people think he is copying from someone. He also says that he would not take anything from anyone. Pharrell also talks about his production is details. In the interview, he talks about the process with production partner Chad Hugo from Neptunes Productions. He says that the duo is very good at reversing the meanings of the songs.

They have been working together for quite some time now and know each other’s work. The duo wanted to connect emotionally with the fans and audience all over the world with the song. Later in the interview, Pharrell says doing the “Blurred Lines” song got him into a mess. Rubin says that the verdict was ridiculous. He says that “Blurred lies” is not at all the same with the other song of Gaye. Rubin strongly refuses that both the songs are similar to one another. He also supports Pharrell on his views that feelings cannot be in copyrights. But Rubin says that if you want to copyright something goes look at all the salsa song, all the songs are pretty much the same. He says that it really hurts him, knowing that now people will think he stole someone else’s lines.