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Pakistan’s Pop Singer Rabi Pirzada’s nude video went viral, she had threatened Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Rabi Pirzada PM Modi

With the release of her personal pictures, many online people are blaming Asif Ghafoor (ISPR). But the singer’s ex still remains the main suspect. Rabi Pirzada is a Pakistani pop singer. Earlier today, some personal pictures and two nude videos of her were leaked on the internet. When is incident took place, the people on twitter came to her support. Everyone on Twitter was asking people not to share any of the content. But, a lot of people saw the pictures and videos already before anything could be done. A majority of people also think that this is all done by Asif Ghafoor. The singer and Ghafoor were involved in a dispute regarding the Pakistani Army. Asif Ghafoor is a Major General and spokesperson at the Pakistani Army.


The Incident

When the leaks came online, the twitter crowd was into two groups. One group against the Army General Ghafoor and the other against her Ex. Many people are saying just because her opinion was different from Ghafoor is she suffering from this. But, others also say that the pictures and the videos are leaked by her Ex-boyfriend. With all the news surrounding the videos and pictures, the main suspect is her ex. Many believe in the fact that he had her ICloud password and that how he got all these content. The pop singer was also criticizing Ghafoor when he was defending and an item song. In the song, Neelam was performing with men surrounding her and alcohol all over the place.

Rabi went to twitter to publicly criticize Ghafoor for defending the item song. She was also in the headlines after she threatened PM Modi with a suicide attack. Previously also she threatened the Prime Minister is saying that she will throw snake on him. The video of her with snakes and other reptiles were all over her social media account. In these videos, she was wearing a suicide jacket and then warning PM Modi on the topic over Kashmir. But, the negative comments that she was receiving after her post were in a lot of quantity.