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Outlast II: It may be horrified, but failed to evolve their Gameplay and the sequences!

This week is going to be a gift for the gamers, as in starting Call of Duty provided new updates and then Halo launched their new game and now Outlast II, has launched, and it is going give a horror experience to gamers. This game is having more excellent gameplay and a fresh beginning like the original one. This game added an authentic horror experience.

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This story starts with the male protagonist Blake Langermann, who tries to find his wife in a dark and shadowy place, after crashing there. Unspeakable, religious cults and riots were there, some patterns of horrific or paranormal activities were created there. This sequel is giving gamers a horror experience with the blood spilling all around, corpse running behind you, and hugging tightly like hell. You will get multiple spots to hide from chaser, and nail-biting chase will make you jump out of the chair. Most of the time, you’ll be chased, and dim lighting will affect your chase, so you have to hide in the dark to dodge those corpse.

Critics Side

Like the original became terrific first-person shooting game, this time they have taken it too far that player will lose interest in playing because this game has no weapons or tool and have zero fighting skills. You’ll have a camcorder in front of bloodthirsty murderers. You can’t fight back, and you have one option in front of these corpses; RUN. Most of the time, you are running from them and hiding some dark places. The only horror thing a gamer can experience is screaming sound coming from everywhere. The core gameplay has not evolved with time, chase sequences are very much identical to the previous one, and they are scripted. Not much variance in the game, which affects the overall score of the game. The game has failed to set a new example in first-person survival gaming industries.