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November 2019: The Best Netflix Movies To Binge On

The holiday season is just lurking around the corner. This is the time when we get relief from work and our boring, mundane life. It is all about pure enjoyment and binging on our favorite shows. Taking that into account, we here bring some new best releases os Netflix This November. So grab your popcorn and plop on the couch.

These movies are available for streaming from November 1. The list ranges from some curious Netflix originals to some of the greatest Hollywood classics. So thank Netflix for some of the greatest shows this November and get ready to binge. So let’s check it out.

1. The King

The King Timothy Chalamet Image Source: Netflix

This is the greatest and latest of Shakespeare’s adaptation. Except that it has no difficult language and is far more accessible. David Michôd, the director, includes all the Shakespearean elements from convoluted plots to old-age languages. It is a streamlined gripping drama that has an intimidating performance. The unprecedented performance from the central character Timothy Chalamet is something to watch out for. This is a new take on historical drama, and even if you are not a fan, you might want to have a look.

2. Step Brothers

Step Brothers Will Ferrell and John C Riley Image Source: Sony Pictures

Adam Mckay very artistically infuses fun with emotions in his slick comedy movie. This movie has a decent plotline, which involves two stepbrothers. The storyline is going to be relatable to each and every viewer. It involves growth, change, friendships, and above all, family power. This is perfect for triggering the comedic impulses of everyone. But this is not as simple as you thing. The movie has some amazing set pieces and improvised roots, which keeps you hooked.

3. The Man Without Gravity

The Man Without Gravity Image Source: Netflix

Marco Bofanti, the director, is normally known for his animation pioneers. But here he decides to portray a whimsical journey of a man who is always floating. This movie shows the journey of a man from his birth to his later stages of life. The man, Oscar, is trying to live a normal life and is searching for a normal home. His caretakers during his childhood took the utmost care of him in keeping him safe from the outside world. But when he grows up, he decides to engage differently. Thus the combination of uniqueness along with European aesthetic sensibilities makes this movie a worth watch.

4. The Game

The Game Michael Douglas Image Source: Polygram

David Fincher, the master of corruption and obsession, is back again with yet another flick. This movie stars Michael Douglas, who, as usual, is super-rich. He is an investment banker who stays away from his family and pays no heed to anything. He, on his birthday, is given a “game” by his maniac brother Sean Penn. This game is a promise to change lives, and when you watch the movie, you realize that it does. It keeps you full on lies, double-crosses, and dangers. It is a twisty and clever movie which is going to be worth every second of your time.

5. The Matrix

The Matrix Keanu Reeves Image Source: Warner Bros

A Hollywood blockbuster we all love is coming to Netflix. This is undoubtedly one of the best action and science fiction movies to date. It is also the most influential Hollywood movie in 20 years. This movie is a concoction of master filmmaking, cyberpunk manifestos, and Eastern philosophies. It is truly entertaining with its picture-perfect scenes. And if you are not a fan of action and tech movies, then watch it simply for the good looks o Keanu Reeves.