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New update for Call of Duty: Developers are excited to take responses, Hail Gamer

Gamers were waiting for a long to get this patch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This first-person shooting (FPS) game is giving revolution to the new era of gaming, Call of Duty team launched an android game on 1st of October and conquered that era too. They have easily won their battle with pubG, fortnite. And now, as they launched new crack, they started ruling gamer’s hearts.

Changes in the new patch

Developer outlined the changes made in this patch are very addicting, and now they gave this gameplay every platform, and the Dead Silence has arrived. Footsteps are now inaudible, while in previous versions, it was not working. Now, gamers can add custom matches, and the new update Infinity Ward fixed many backend issues, which will ease their gaming experiences. It will further give stability to the platform and stop midway crashings. Gamers will get ops achievement, and with the help of rewards, they can easily unlock also, which was unable in previous versions. As it is mentioned, third-person footsteps can be made inaudible, and the Dead Silence field upgrade is available. Hill rotation, game point are possible too.

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This update will give you a chance to play it as story mode, and the developer team tried to keep their story plot very much interesting and addicting. They are very much sure about getting flying wings from fans for achieving this glory. According to a report from Reddit, it has considered that it has outclassed campaign cutscenes, which are fixed. The multiplayer era of this game is also increased as it is not a piece of good news for story lovers.

This game has changed the face of first-person shooting sports, or you may say mission games, and now they are going to rule multiplayer game’s kingdom. The developer team is taking a deep breath for their success, and now they are prepared for upcoming challenges.