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New Incoming Content For ‘Pokemon Go’, Haunting Of ‘Mario Kart Tour’: Mobile Games Hotspot

We have all been literally living and breathing Pokemon during our teenage. The Pokemon dream is back again and this time in a game. Mobile Games hotspot is curating a whole new gaming playlist for your weekly roundup. The new features of Pokemon Go and Pokemon Masters marks its possible release in 2020. The Pokemon franchise looks forward to the future of it.

The Details

There will be an upgrade in the Pokemon Go version of Niantic. It will include Trainer battles upgradations where the players will need to form teams in their current bates to defeat one another. There will be a new battle mode known as the Go Battle League. In this, there will be global matchmaking. Players from all around the world will find their matches and fight against each other. There will also be a ranking system. Excessive details on how these two modes will function are yet to have its disclosures. There, however, have been possible disclosures about the entry in Go Battle League. This mode will involve traveling in the real world, and the amount of distance covered will hold its accounts. More details will follow once the game is all set to launch in 2020.

Pokemon Masters of DeNa, on the other hand, is also preparing for new improvements. It will address common user concerns such as insufficient rewards, lack of content, poor and difficult usability. It has been busy for five months as they have been looking for a room for improvement. They mention that their improvements regarding reward system is under process and will be out in November. The User interface and queries related to the performance of the game will be out by December as well. New events will also be a part of this upgrade, which will enable the players to receive sync players.

Mario Kart Tour Event

There has been a new introduction to the Mario Kart Tour. It is their new Halloween theme, which also marks Luigi’s arrival as the main playable character. There are some new characters that are added, and they also serve to the spooky purpose. Also, King Boo will have two versions of his own. There also some freaky tracks available, which will make your nerves chill. The return of Time trials is also official, where the players will have to complete their tasks at a specific time.